Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is behind
We are friends and family of David and Leslie.  We asked them to allow us to raise support for them.

How will the funds donated be used?
Exclusively for Travel, Lodging and Medical costs associated with Leslie’s treatment trips to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center located in NYC.  David and Leslie will request funds for the amount of travel costs in each trip.

Why is the cost so high?
Leslie will be required to travel to New York City as frequently as twice a month.  Airfare and occasional lodging is very costly in New York City.

What are the tax implications for the donations?
David and Leslie will have no personal tax burden added for donations.  The IRS considers them personal gifts.  The donations are not tax deductible.

How hopeful are the doctors with the new treatment?
Leslie will receive a new form of treatment for cancer called immunotherapy.  She will receive a combination of two drugs, Nivolumab and Ipilimumab. One breaks down the protein that creates a barrier between the cancer and her immune system. The other trains her immune system to fight the cancer.  There has been significant success, even cures form this form of treatment.